Six steps to creating a healthy pause

We all need a break in our busy day – societal expectations, whether perceived or real, can create pressure to be available 24/7, blurring the boundaries and expectations between work, home and personal life.

Finding time during the day to pause and re-energize our body and mind to buffer against such demands can feel like mission impossible and often falls to the bottom on the list.

If you’re having trouble hitting the pause button each day – here are 6-steps that may help.

1. Listen to your body – Feeling unfocused, restless, unproductive?  Your  body instinctively knows when it needs to recharge so pay attention to the queues.  Learn to tune into your internal message board

2. Change it up – Get away from your desk, office or house...go for a walk, venture into the sunshine, take some deep breathes, take in your new surroundings and enjoy the change of scenery.  Your body and mind will thank you

3. Schedule it – Every day.  Put it in your calendar and honour this scheduled time for yourself with the same importance that you place on other commitments.  This is an essential step to creating this new habit

4. Find a healthy snack – find an innovative great tasting snack – one that can reward you for all your efforts and provide a welcome, nourishing break – be kind to yourself, don’t reach for processed “junk-food”

5. Engage with your community – do something different, create moments that get you out of your comfort zone, connecting with community creates a powerful sense of belonging and well being

6. Be social – pick up the phone, connect face to face, engage, discuss – intellectual conversation and connection with others will feed your soul and re-energize your mind

Reclaiming time for you, even five minutes here and there is a simple, worthy investment in your health and well being that yields big returns.  Creating daily, mindful moments for yourself can become a powerful daily practice that helps to keep you grounded, productive and vibrant