Our story - naturally!


The Grass Roots Kitchen is a Canadian natural foods company located in east Toronto. Our handcrafted decadent energy spheres are ingredient-pure, meaning we only use certified organic, fair-trade, non GMO ingredients. Every delicious and nutrient-dense bite is made to the hum of great music and great energy in our kitchen. 

Our snacks are for everyone! 

All our recipes are 100% vegan and free of tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, dairy and eggs, friendly to those with food intolerances and allergies...leaving more room for the good stuff. 

Our energy spheres foster opportunities throughout the day to take a pause, re-energize, and create moments of Joy and Healthy Indulgence.



From our customers...


"The Energy Spheres are awesome! Their smooth texture and delicious flavours make it an easy and enjoyable way to satisfy those mid morning or afternoon cravings, without jeopardizing my health goals."  
– Andrew P.

"Our daughter has a severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts so all kinds of snacks are unsafe for her. That’s why The Grass Roost Kitchen Energy Spheres were such a great discovery. Because they’re made in a 100% peanut and nut-free kitchen, from healthy, natural ingredients – and no glutens or trans-fats – they’re safe to eat, safe to share and safe to bring to school. And – just as important if you want kids to eat them – they’re totally delicious."
– Eric J.

"I’m an extremely health conscious person who carefully reads labels. Partially out of requirement due to food allergies within my family and partially out of a goal to eat holistically. I was so thrilled when Carolyn came out with the Energy Sphere line as it is both a vegan and gluten free product.  A small but wonderful indulgence in my day and enjoyed by the whole family.  Wheat, egg and nut free, this is the perfect treat for families with food allergies!" 
– Kathleen S.


Grass Roots Kitchen's Energy Sphere's are a welcome addition to our pantry. As a busy Mom with 3 wildly divergent eaters, they hit the mark. A delicious and healthy nut free treat for us all. The hardest part is choosing which delicious flavour to have. Yum! 
– Faith W.