Our story is short and sweet (and refined sugar-free).


I created The Grass Roots Kitchen to answer the need for healthy, delicious, safe snacks, inspired by my loved ones with food intolerances and allergies. 

As a mom to two special needs children with eating challenges, I taught myself the finer points of nutrition, turned my home kitchen into a laboratory of taste and soon became known as the "stealthy healthy baker" to my family, friends and community. 

I pursued formal studies in Holistic Nutrition, receiving my credentials with first class honours.  With a new understanding of the positive impact nutrition can have on health, learning and behaviour, I promptly made my way back to the kitchen.   

The kitchen is my comfort zone, and it's how I've decided to best apply the craft and science of nutrition. What better way to help people feel better, look better and heal, than by providing them with clean, high quality, nutrient-dense, delicious food.

We've fashioned The Grass Roots Kitchen into a welcoming, creative space in which to invent nutritious, plant-powered energy snacks that reward people looking for allergy-friendly snack choices. 

From the perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility, our vision is to be a catalyst for social change.  Our management team is committed to employing young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and providing job skills training.  This is reflected in our company's culture and values, through to product formulations. 

When my first son was born in 1999, 1 out of 10,000 children were diagnosed with ASD.  Today, 1 out of 64 Canadian children are diagnosed with ASD and 85% of adults with ASD are unemployed.  Our goal is not only to create employment opportunities, but to create a model for success that other businesses can incorporate within their own operations and corporate culture.  Meaningful employment fosters independence, self worth, helps break down stigma, creates community and promotes ability. When you purchase our allergy-friendly, healthy snacks, you are supporting individuals with all abilities to reach their full potential. Thank you!

We invite you to read more about our line of healthy, good-for-everyone energy spheres and the thoughtful businesses that sell them.

With love,